Promotional Products


The use of promotional products can be an extremely useful tool in a marketers regiment. The hard part is determining which items are the right ones to give away and at what appropriate time. While every company can ultimately decide on different promotions, there are five universally successful products that every marketer should keep in mind, see below.

Promotional products can be used to both bring in potential customers and keep them. For example, promo products can be given away as an initial offer to collect contact information like email addresses and phone numbers, or as an incentive to complete feedback surveys. On the other side, they can act as parting gifts for customers as a way of maintaining professional relationships and having them return for more business.

The most important question: why should your company use promotional products? Statistics from the PPAI, Promotional Products Association International study, proves why.

    • Before receiving promotional products, only about 55% of consumers had done business previously with the advertiser. After having received the products, that number rose to 85%.
    • 76.3% of participants could recall the name of the advertiser on the product they received last year.
    • 75.4% of those who received a product felt that the item was useful to them.

With statistics like so, it is evident how adding promotional products to your marketing strategy can positively affect your company.

Top 5 Promotional Products

Everyone uses writing instruments; pens, pencils, and other writing tools are casual and simple enough to be used as promotional items in most industries. However, just because pens are an easy giveaway doesn’t mean quality and thought are to be given up.

Cheap and inexpensive are two different things. Cheap writing tools will not go unnoticed by customers and will ultimately provide them with the idea that not much thought was put into the promotional item. It will also hurt the brand image, in the end, so make sure to carefully design items and show your customers you care!

Journals are another great item that can be personalized. At a young age, we learned the importance of note taking. We’d sit at our desks at school and jot down a few lines, doodling when we got bored. People in the professional world do the same thing during meetings, which is why it makes sense to advertise utilizing them.

Every year, journals remain popular because of new, innovative styles and materials. Personalization can make any journal feel special and unique to the customer.

With internet marketing becoming more and more popular, tech-related promo items show that your company is also modernizing with the times. Different types of promotional tech items include: earbuds, USB drives, speakers, power banks, phone cases, or mice and keyboards. These pieces come at different price points, so make sure to keep in mind your target audience when selecting the best tech promotional product.

Promotional water bottles and mugs are used everywhere, especially because 53% of U.S. consumers own some promotional drinkware.

Knowing your audience and which type or drinkware to order is necessary. Customizable water bottles can come in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Plastic drinkware is ideal for sporting or school events, while stainless steel or aluminum is more suitable for employees or clients. Ceramic and travel mugs are perfect for professionals, as coffee and tea are often seen in office environments. Promotional glassware is appealing to adult recipients, fitting for restaurants, bars, and employee gifts.

Tote bags are practical, reusable and have a multipurpose use, making these essential to have one hand to give to consumers. Tote bags are customizable and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, so you can best design one to fit the look of your company.

Virtually, promotional bags are marketing your business even further for you. The consumer uses the bag and shows off the company’s name and logo, bringing more awareness to you! Since promo bags are a good way to market further, be sure to put great thought into the design, as well, to show potential customers your brand and the way you want it to be represented.