Email Marketing

Successful e-mail marketing depends on two things: creativity, and substance. All marketing success depends on knowing your audience well enough to communicate with them in a way that they act.

Let’s talk about that. Surely you can point to times when you’ve received an email that you had no interest. That would indicate that the sender was not conscious about how the message would translate to that database.

If you were holding an event, and a section of your audience who was only interested in finance, and the other retail, you would probably have a different conversation. E-Mail is no different. Always speak directly to your audience, and you will have a greater response, we promise.

Getting the correct information from your email sign up form will pre-qualify your audience into segments so you can send custom messages. You only have a few seconds to be impactful so think it through and know who you’re talking to ahead of time.

Each of your emails must have a single focus, either informational or product related. Having both can be confusing, and with the limited time, you need to be clear with one primary call to action.


The ultimate goal of an email blast is to drive traffic to your website or landing page so you can seal the deal. Once you guide them there, be specific so they can complete the transaction.

With all things design, sharp visuals, attention to your brand, and careful image placement are important. Remember that all marketing efforts hinge on a single plan. Your strategy should be global and vigorous. When you’re confident, you have all that in place, then you can hit send.

Optimized Campaigns

Only send emails that address specific needs. Create a scenario where people look forward to hearing from you. Imagine how much more successful you will be. When you keep things, separate and simple, get the right message to the right people, you’ll see results.

We will keep an eye on analytics, see what we can learn and adjust accordingly. In some cases, we will test our messaging with two different emails, and watch which performs better. The ultimate goal; optimize click through and open rates using email best practices.


We want all your campaigns to be a success, so we make sure to find the optimal time to send your message and adjust the frequency to ensure the highest open rate.

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