Web Development

Is your website
generating leads?

A professionally designed website is the most important aspect of a successful business. It is not only a representation of your brand but the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Cox Printers will work closely with you to outline the correct content strategy, design, and functionality, so the user experience is optimized.

We focus on your marketing objectives when designing your site, whether that is creating an online professional presence for professional practice, or developing an e-commerce store for those who wish to sell online.

Developing a web presence is easy, creating a lead generating tool requires a set strategy and a plan. Before you begin any of that, let’s get clear about your goals. Remember, design everything with the end game in mind.

How We Work


First, we sit and do the deep dive into your business. It’s not enough to tell us what you “think” your customers are looking for, we’re going to find out. We’ll analyze your competition, see how you stack up and develop a plan for your new content managed site because when you build a strong foundation, anything’s possible.


Let’s make it sexy. The look of your new site is just as important as ease of use. Let’s find the right design elements and visuals so so that your brand remains consistent and always looks like you. We may go back and forth a few times, but that’s the process. We’re in this together, that’s how you get results.


Before we “GO LIVE” we do a complete walk-through and make sure all the content and design decisions we’ve made are working properly.  We’ll read through content, test all forms and buttons to ensure everything works and when you are 100% satisfied, you’ll sign off, and we’ll launch.


Launching your website is only one piece of the puzzle.  If you want to create a lead generating tool you need to support it through marketing. Things like landing page campaigns, direct mail, and Internet Marketing are all critical pieces of the marketing puzzle. Thinking globally can get you across the finish line.