Social Media

Ask Us How To Increase
Your Social Footprint

When you want to increase your audience and customer base in a dramatic way, content marketing and social media is the way to go. Seems simple enough but without experience, it can quickly become a daunting task.

As with any internet marketing effort, there are several fundamentals to consider before you begin. Cox Printers understands these concepts and will work with these basic principals to make your SSM efforts a success.

Let’s take them on one-by-one.

  1. Listen – A successful content marketing campaign requires the ability to listen before talking. When we start with that, we get a much better read on our audience and learn what’s important to them. When you understand that you can create and share content, that begins a conversation.
  1. Focus – Staying focused on your message is critical when launching a campaign. You cannot be all things to all people so stick with your core areas of expertise when publishing or sharing content.
  1. Quality – Quality over quantity is not a new concept; that’s true in life but especially in social media. It’s better to have fewer connections who are engaged then thousands who disappear after connecting only once.
  1. Patience – If there’s one thing we can guarantee when launching a social media campaign it’s that success doesn’t happen overnight. If you can’t commit to the long haul, then you will be very disappointed
  1. The Exponential Effect – When you publish and share great content with your followers, it stands to reason they will share it with theirs. That will build your sphere of influence so keep creating and keep sharing.
  1. Influence – Who are the online influencers in your space who have audiences that could be interested in your business? It’s a good idea to connect with them so you can learn more and create the possibility of having your content shared. Become an expert.
  1. Value – When you engage in social media marketing, your focus needs to be less on your goods and services and more on providing value to your followers. Keep the focus on 2-way engagement and become a powerful influencer and a leader.
  1. Acknowledgment – It’s important to realize there are people on the end of every Twitter handle. So just as you would not ignore someone who talked directly to you in person you should not ignore them online. Get in the habit of communicating with those who reach out to you.
  1. Be Accessible – Your followers might not stick around for long if you disappear for weeks and months so commit to publishing content routinely. After you do, stick around to participate in the conversation.
  1. Reciprocity – This is really important you cannot expect people to share your content if you are not willing to do the same. When you surround yourself with those you value, you will have an easy time sharing.