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Meet the stewards protecting the forest inside a U.S. state park

Managing the trees in a protected wild forest, the community of Adirondack Park work together to conserve the area’s natural beauty and resources. Ticonderoga, NY is home to Fort Ticonderoga, a historical preservation site, and the Ticonderoga paper mill, the only paper-making plant located inside a U.S. state park. See the story behind this unique forest land and the partners that collaborate to ensure its sustainability in our seventh “Faces of the Forest” video.
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Choose paper-based packaging this holiday season

Due to the pandemic, consumers are being encouraged to shop online early to get their holiday packages in time for Christmas without incurring shipping delays. This means more boxes popping up on doorsteps needing to be recycled. To help remind brands and consumers about what to do with their boxes we have two new articles on that we’re promoting via social and digital. The first article explains how boxes help brands meet their sustainability goals and are preferred over plastic. Our “Unboxing the Facts,” story explains to readers how to recycle and reuse their corrugated boxes and includes 10 important recycling stats.
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``Paper Makers`` film resonates with industry and consumers

The industry film “Paper Makers,” which debuted in September, is generating impressive numbers thanks to the compelling stories of the industry’s foresters, mill workers and engineers that care for the land. Not only did people tune in to watch the full-length film, but this campaign also included three short videos and four articles shared via social and Meet the paper makers who entered the paper and packaging industry out of a love for our planet and a need to showcase its riches.
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Consumers prefer sustainable food packaging options

This month, with exciting new data provided by the Paperboard Packaging Council, you’ll find two new assets in the Sales Channel Toolkit about frozen food packaging. We’ve added a social-friendly infographic highlighting the recyclability of frozen-food folding cartons, as well an article titled “Pretty Chill: New study shows that most frozen food cartons are recyclable.” If you haven’t requested access to the Sales Channel Toolkit yet, you can sign up. If you know of anyone else in the industry who would be interested, feel free to forward them the link.
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Consumers are at the heart of recycling

We’ve spent decades remaking our practices from the ground up to produce products made from a renewable resource, and increasingly from fiber that is both recyclable itself and contains recycled content. But our commitment would not be enough if it weren’t for the millions of ordinary Americans in millions of individual homes and apartments who, for thirty plus years, have kept the faith of the blue bin. Recycling takes recyclables. But more importantly, it takes recyclers.
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