Nonprofit? No Problem!

Both “Nonprofit” and “For-profit” organizations share the need to achieve marketing success using the most cost effective means possible. Every dollar that is wasted or ineffective has tremendous impact on either type of organization.

However, anyone that has worked extensively with Nonprofits knows that they have unique tools and challenges that need to be properly harnessed and used to help maximize their success, such as…

  • Postage: Almost anyone knows Nonprofit organizations have special USPS rates that can save thousands of dollars in postage. However, Nonprofit mail has service limitations. It is important that Nonprofits understand these trade-offs and how to best utilize this advantage.
  • Design: Nonprofits can utilize certain design aspects on their pieces that will help them achieve greater open success rates, which can lead to great direct marketing success.
  • Reaching “Supporters” versus “Non-supporters”: There needs to be a different approach in communicating with supporters versus people that do not yet support the cause of a particular nonprofit. It is important that their goals and methods are appropriate depending on the type of direct marketing goals trying to be achieved.
  • Whales” versus “Grassroots”: Even among “supporters”, it is important to understand the unique challenges and expectations of communicating with a person who has heavily supported a cause in terms of time and treasure versus those who have supported consistently, but in smaller amounts. Both are critical to a Nonprofit’s success and it is important to understand the unique needs of both.
  • Budget Constraints/Smaller Staffs: Often Nonprofit organizations have smaller budgets and staffs to achieve their goals. It sometimes takes a great deal of creativity and expertise to help Nonprofits realize great success.

Cox has vast experience in working with a variety of Nonprofits, both large and small. We truly understand a Nonprofit organization’s unique needs and challenges and have the creativity and experience to provide guidance that will provide the best chance for success. Cox understands that every dollar wasted or ineffective means less dollars that can go to helping Nonprofit’s programs and has a terrific track record of success in supporting and helping our Nonprofit clients.

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