Educational Catalog Printing and Admissions Materials

Universities, Colleges, and Trade Schools have many catalog printing and direct mail needs. As you can imagine the on-demand print requirements range from catalog printing, informative brochures, direct mail and promotional products that stock college bookstores with branded merchandise.

Every department in a college or university has to manage their print spend efficiently. Often, pieces need to be individualized before they are printed and shipped, and our online portals let you do this with ease.

In the past admissions and other departments have been forced to outsource to multiple vendors for their catalog printing, It’s always hard to find one company who can provide a comprehensive set of services, but that’s what Cox Printers and Digital Media does.

Before you work with us, we will schedule a consultation, and explain to how we can design your new printed materials or work with your masters to develop an online portal. This web-based store will allow you to go in customize or make changes to your catalog printing before you schedule your order.

In addition to printing, and customization we will send your mailings to the database of your choice. If you don’t want to do that, we can also store your materials at our facility until you’re ready to ship which frees up space at your facility. What could be better than that.

Catalog Printing