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January 3, 2018
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January 24, 2018

At Cox Printers & Digital Media, we’ve heard that way too many times before receiving what can be loosely defined as “print-ready art”. However, design,  typesetting is an extremely critical part of the process. When we receive incorrect files, we have to spend twice as much time fixing them than if they had been prepared correctly from the start. To give you an example, I received a postcard in the mail from a former customer who had asked me that same question. Let me describe what this card looked like.

They used a standard typeface, Helvetica bold, inconsistent point sizes, no margins, repetitive wording, hanging text that made no sense and yes – typos. Three of them. Those things are highly noticeable and can instantly form a negative impression no matter the content or the message.

We at Cox would never produce or mail anything so amateurish on behalf our customers. We cannot allow a professional company to send out a promotional mailing that looks like a second grader has prepared it.  In the case of this customer, their business is going through some uncertain times which is why they are attempting the promotion in the first place. However, the prospects they are targeting most likely won’t respond because of the design inconsistencies and the sloppiness of the production. Another consideration is the money spent on postage, which can be costly, another reason to be sure that everything is correct from design to production.

Businesses know the value of working with professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and other experts to protect us from making costly mistakes. It only makes sense to allow Cox to be that professional when it comes to design, print, and production.

Remember, once you ring the bell – that’s it – first impressions are just that…what’s done is done.

The more prosperous & profitable our customers are, the better we become. It’s a natural partnership accomplished through smart, cost-effective printing, design, and marketing, all the tools you need to grow a successful, profitable business.

Cox understands you get one chance to make a first impression. A second-grade level embarrassing postcard will only cause you and your company harm. Our professionals can assist with everything from print and design to inventory management and now Trade Show Management. We can produce high-quality materials, help drive traffic to your booth, support with lead follow-up as well as maintain and store your equipment, so it’s ready for the next show.

Since 1907 we have been practicing an “adapt or die” approach to remaining relevant and trusted by so many. Look at our website, meet with our staff, visit our facilities…let us make your jobs easier and companies more successful in 2018 and beyond.

Michael Kaufman
Cox Printers & Digital Media

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