January 24, 2018

“Direct Mail Should Be Featured In Your Marketing Mix”

It is 2018 and if you read most of the articles in the “trades” for the last number of years, Direct Mail was supposed to go away as an important marketing tool in the same way vinyl records did in the 1980’s. Well, just as you can buy brand new […]
January 12, 2018

“Why would I pay for Design, Typesetting when I can do that on my computer?”

At Cox Printers & Digital Media, we’ve heard that way too many times before receiving what can be loosely defined as “print-ready art”. However, design,  typesetting is an extremely critical part of the process. When we receive incorrect files, we have to spend twice as much time fixing them than if […]
January 3, 2018
Content Marketing

Can a Killer Content Strategy Help Market Smaller Colleges and Universities?

The reality is that small colleges and universities face challenges when it comes to recruiting. Limited cash flow and higher debt make it more difficult to display the merits of their academic programs through content marketing. The most common mistake they make is thinking that they have to behave like […]
September 13, 2017

Yes, We KNOW, You’ve TRIED That Before.

Now, as hard to believe as this is when it comes to marketing, and anything under that umbrella you are likely to have tried many things, so it’s not all that shocking that you didn’t make your first million from any one thing. Let’s go through the short list and […]