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January 3, 2018
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Tapping Into the Millennial Market, Quick Insights by Corinne

Tapping Into the Millennial Market, Quick Insights by Corinne’s

A simple Google search will give you hundreds of approaches for reaching millennials and gaining their business.  However, each time a new group inherits the purchasing power, we see a shift in habits, preferences, and how they wish to be addressed.  Cox understands the selling concerns for the millennial market that you may not yet be talking to.  Among considerations such as social media approach and mobile content, the most crucial part of millennial marketing is understanding their buyer motivation and sense of individuality.  So what drives millennials to purchase?

Businesses with a Purpose

Millennials value corporate social responsibility.  They will not only purchase from a company but even pay more for a product that they believe supports a purpose or has societal impact.  Social action, such as reducing environmental impact, improving health, or aiding those in need, has never been more central to consumer buying decisions.   Millennials love to align themselves with a company that has coinciding beliefs and will encourage their friends to do so as well.

Recommendations and Reputation

Nowadays there is unlimited information at our fingertips, and millennials are experts at comparing any number of products within seconds.  Before buying they consult friends, online reviews, and social media opinions.  The key to millennial marketing is fully satisfying those customers that have already chosen to buy, which strikes the domino that incites others to try you out too.  Millennials desire to stay on trend and mirror the interests of their peers.

Transparency and Authenticity

With the information available, millennials are accustomed to knowing exactly how an item is produced and with what materials.  Millennials see through traditional advertising and respond more positively to companies that sell an experience rather than a product.  Superfluous adjectives are no longer convincing; you need to educate the buyer about what you can do for them and why they should trust your promises.

Deals and Discounts

Millennials created the on-demand economy and live in a world of free trials where commitment isn’t required.  They are frugal and more likely to buy if they can test the product or are given incentives such as first purchase discounts.  Online deals and rewards programs help drive millennials to purchase rather than simply browse.

A business born over 100 years ago, we at Cox Printers know a thing or two about appealing to changing wants and needs across generations.
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Corinne Pisauro
Corinne Pisauro
Corinne is a junior at Fairleigh Dickinson University completing a Bachelor's degree in International Business with a Spanish minor. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in Marketing, and has been working for Cox Printers as a Marketing Assistant since 2017.

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